Surgery SLAP Tear

  1. Surgery SLAP Tear

    A little while back I had an incident with bench pressing. Usual dumb mistake, trying to bench more than I should and didn't have the proper spot.

    So now I've had an MRI and I have been told that I have a SLAP tear and it requires surgery.

    Curious if anyone has ever had the surgery done and how your rehab / final outcome was.

    FYI...SLAP = Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior


  2. had this done two years ago. it is pretty painful about the first week, not much sleep. i was literally popping 2 vicodin (the big ones) every 4 hours along with percocets.

    as for recovery, my doctor gave me until the nea year to be able to even workout again. I had the surgery in august of that year. I was back to working out by thanksgiving.

    the downside and pretty upsetting side is that i am nowhere near as strong as i was before. consistent heavy excercises put alot of stress on the joint and tendons, so say if i am doing shoulders, if i do heavy db presses, i can't do heavy behind the neck presses, even on a smith machine. it also effects benching alot. it will become stiff and i find that the side the surgery was on fatigues or "gives up" quicker than the other shoulder. it is like i know i can do the weight, but my shoulder won't let me.

    for rehab, i went like maybe for 3 weeks, 2 times a week. my doctor would check me out every week actually. so he finally just said your mobility is great you don't need to go anymore, do you really need someone clapping for you every time you do something? he told me just do what i think i could and that was that.

    it still gives me problems though two years later. i also had structural damage which needed repair and they also took my bursar sack out. in my opinion, is it ever going to be the same or good as new...probably not....good luck to you have anymore questions jsut send me a PM.

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