Chris Benoit's Murder, Suicide: Was Brain Damage To Blame?

  1. Chris Benoit's Murder, Suicide: Was Brain Damage To Blame?

    I'm sure a number of us remember what happend to the wrestler Chris Benoit and the media made it look like he had a moment of "Roid Rage". Nightline ran a update on what might have happend to him and why he snapped. His father let Doctors look at his brain and discovered a large amount of damage. Most likely due to the repeated concussions over his career. It's a very interesting theory. I find that it's hard to rule out. I've personaly had 2 concussions and after the 2nd one I've never felt the same.

    Chris Benoit's Dad: My Son Suffered From Severe Brain Damage - ABC News
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  2. I believe they found his brain to closely resemble someone closer to 80.
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  3. yeah I had heard the news a few days ago

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