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Did anyone cheat yesterday?

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    Did anyone cheat yesterday?

    I, myself had way too much but will pay for it later
    I went to 4 different houses and ate at all of them on the good side I got about 250g of Protein

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    I didn't cheat. I didn't eat enough. I have a much easier time when I'm at work and it's pretty much the same thing everyday. Very easy to get in a routine of eating at certain times. But on the weekends, I get screwed up.

    I got 270g of protein and felt short
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan Drago
    I felt short
    It's ok Ivan. Penis size really doesn't matter

    On a related note... I know what you mean about being at work. When I am at work.. diet is spot on. At home, on weekends, it's tough to keep myself in check.

    I HAVE to keep myself busy or else I'll find **** to eat and if I can't find it... I go buy it

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