Any new news on ph ban?

  1. Any new news on ph ban?

    The thread says it all.

  2. I have not heard anything, but I am also anxiously awaiting news on this issue. Any info?

  3. no one really knows but most are saying they will probably be gone by the end of june

  4. What a lesson! We are seeing how freedom of choice is being eliminated. So much for free enterprise and innovation. When the public is getting all of its information from TV and believes that what they are being told is accurate, we have lost. Talk about mass influence. I saw this first hand with my parents. I had to re-educate them regarding ephedra. According to what they heard(from TV) thousands were suffering severe adverse side affects and many were dying. Of course, this is just the opposite of what the statistics said! Remember ,the government that governs best governs least.

  5. Today, the House of Reps. voted 408 to 3 to ban 'em. Surprise, surprise...

  6. so what is the time frame left to buy ph???????

  7. I give it 21days at max, 10days at min.
    This week the Senate gets it i believe.
    And on to the prez.
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  8. From the USFA website on June 5:

    As you are probably already aware, House bill 3866 passed this week. The Senate bill, S2195, still has not been marked up in committee and is continually being held up by the amendments proposed by Senator Kennedy. To summarize, these amendments seek to include DHEA in the legislation and to strengthen the power of the DEA by facilitating the DEA's ability to list substances in the future. The lobby behind DHEA has proposed alternative language and Senator Biden has reportedly sent this language to the DEA for their input. I am told that currently, there is not the same sense of urgency to get the Senate version of the legislation passed in the Senate, as there was in the House. Our concern is that the pressure on Senator Durbin and Senator Kennedy may become so great that they not only abandon the proposed amendment, but they go ahead and vote on the House bill.

    There are a number of possible scenarios that can play out, some more favorable than others to the success of our strategy. We have been in close contact with the loyal companies that support the USFA and it is in our best interests not to disclose our strategy at this time.

    And now for the big question... "HOW MUCH TIME MIKE?"

    The best I can do is to give you the best and worst case scenario. As things unfold next week, I will be able to provide a better estimate. Worst case scenario, just under two weeks. Best case scenario, I don't see it passing any later than August before the Olympic games, but we'll do our best.

    On a final note:

    Senate supplement hearing: Hearing entitled “Dietary Supplement Safety Act: How is FDA Doing 10 Years Later?� scheduled for June 8 by Senate Subcommittee on Government Oversight. Discussion will center on FDA’s “challenges and successes� in implementing the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act and will address whether the burden placed on the agency to protect the public is too “onerous�....

    We will report what transpired at the hearing in the future. Be prepared for a media frenzy regarding the "loopholes" in DSHEA and the failures of the FDA, brought to you by Senator Durbin.

    Michael J. DiMaggio
    USFA Executive Director

  9. Quote Originally Posted by aznurse
    According to what they heard(from TV) thousands were suffering severe adverse side affects and many were dying. Of course, this is just the opposite of what the statistics said! Remember ,the government that governs best governs least.
    So true, the media is also a tool for the Pharmaceutical industry. I bet not many Americans know many more people die from prescription meds and OTC meds each year than dietary supplements.

  10. You can print a bull**** story in a newspaper, or broadcast it on television, and it is amazing to see how many people will believe it as gospel. Power of the Press! So many people are under the impression that if it is in print, or on the news, and the source of the information comes from a "reliable source" then it must be true. A lot of these beliefs are taken without any research to better understand the matters at hand. These industries (FDA/ pharmaceutical industry, and others) rely on the gullibility of the common people.

    Just my rant for the moment.

  11. Thanks for the update size. What's is the USFA doing to stop this or try to. It sounds like they have all ready given up.

  12. The fact that they took out DHEA shows that lobbing works. To bad the supplement companies didn't come together on this because it's going to hurt them again in the future. You can expect editorials and advertisements saying that prohormones weren't really that effective but the new and improved Mexican wild yam bonded with smilax increases natural testosterone production by 1000% for only the cheap price of 70.00 for 10 days worth. They are all ready talking about banning yombie, synephrine, and red yeast rice powder. I wouldn't be surprised if they even tried to grab creatine. If someone doesn't stop them we are going to need a prescription to by vitamin c in the future. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  13. It'd be interesting to do a comparison (like/like) between alcohol/tobacco related diseases/deaths/costs and those from sport/nutritional supplementation.

    OK, please don't flame me for the next sentance, it is just my humble opinion...

    I agree that the use of PH/PS's should be more regulated but definately not banned, ie : only sold to people over a certain age etc. Banning/scheduling them will only make more (unwitting) criminals who will have to source their compounds from other, more in depth criminals...and so starts the downward spiral.
    These are powerful compounds that can create the same negative media frenzy as ephedra once did if misused/abused.

    Unfortunately, I think it is too late - it seems that these will be banned/scheduled very soon : (

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!


  14. lm, i agree to. the PH industry made a big mistake by not POLICING THEMSELVES and not selling to those under 21.


  15. I have been pondering an idea for a documentary to show at a local film festival. I was thinkin about one that exposes lies of the media and how people view things that arent really true. It pisses me off. I talk to my friends mom and she will not buy a computer cause she doesnt want her credit card number stolen. It made me so mad I lectured her for 30 min. I need to find as much BS lies the press has put out there and bash it for my personal pleasure. BBBLLLLAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG GG

    2.Computers/Viruses/CC Fraud
    The list goes on ...

    If you seen "Bull****" or "Bowling for Columbine" you have the basic idea.

  16. How much time left to stock up any ideas 2-3 weeks?????

  17. i find it ironic (if you are implying so) that you think bowling for columbine EXPOSES lies of the media. bowling for columbine IS (at best) incredibly deceptive, and at worst, outright lies itself


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