the future

  1. the future

    once the ban goes from,
    what's gonna happen to AM?
    I mean this place is mostly about Ph's.
    Will this place even exist anymore?

  2. This place is about Bodybuilding, not PH's.....and btw, AAS probably brings a much larger crowd than PH's...

    It will be nice however w/o all the teenagers asking if its okay if they can stack M1T, MD, M-4OHN, 13 Coors Lights, and a joint only on the weekends, no??

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jergo
    This place is about Bodybuilding
    Nicely put. AM is gonna be around for a while, as long as the boss keeps it up.

  4. alright, good point, it is about bodybuilding,
    but it will definately have a different atmosphere.

  5. i dont know man i am sure there will still be alot of black market ph stuff. I know i have enough to last close to 2 years.

  6. yeah I can imagine it will take awhile for the abundance of PH's in circulation to dwindle down to only produced compounds (depending upon demand), and there will be a large blackmarket for these things for a bit.

    As far as AM is concerned....we'll still be here, PH's or no PH's

  7. Long Live Am!!!! Long Live Am!!!!


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