Are the majority of the comics on Last Comic Standing just not that funny?

  1. Are the majority of the comics on Last Comic Standing just not that funny?

    Do you guys feel this way?

  2. I thought they were pretty funny. And I was really pissed of when they kicked out hottie Rachel last week.

  3. Some are funny. I guess some arn't for me. Ya, I thought Rachel Feinsteen was actually one of the funnier people. Nice on the eyes too. Now it's just a bunch of dudes(no offense to anyone whos into that)

  4. Funny on NBC? Does that exist anymore? I used to laugh at Law & Order back when it didn't have 15 bastardo children on 8 different networks. Funny crime is funny.

    Sorry, still bitter about Conan.
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  5. You should be bitter about Conan. He started out a little awkward, but if he could have become as funny as he was in New York again, he would have dominated late night....As far as Law and Order is concerned, I still dont get why everyone is so eager to sit dow for an hour and ask, "Who's guilty this week?"

  6. Most comedians are decidedly unfunny IMO

  7. Its hit and miss with them. Although its alot more miss now, but the first season I remember was amazing!

  8. The black guy is not funny, the women were not funny the two dudes with glasses though are pretty funny the taller one is going to win though. I think the unfunniest people on that show are the judges' though. Most comedians suck IMO. There are a few gems around that make me laugh my ass off still but not many.

  9. This season was just downhill from the past. It used to be a funnier show. Their was some controversy season one about the show being rigged, and I think it still is..................In general, a lot of comedy is just getting out their. The audience is drunk and will laugh. Theyll even give you a sympathy laugh if your sucking.


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