Arnolds Encyclopedia of bodybuilding.

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    Its such an awsome book. I tried one of his arm work outs. Left me hurting for days after. One thing i dont get is how little he eats !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love that book. Arnold is def my favorite.....

  3. He has another book that I liked much more than the one mentioned, Education of a Bodybuilder.
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  4. So once a week I took a training
    partner and drove out into the country with the weights. We
    limited ourselves to one exercise for a particular body part. I
    remember for the first day we carried 250 pounds out into the
    forest and did squats for three hours straight. I began by doing
    twenty repetitions with 250 pounds; then my partner did whatever
    he could. Then it was my turn again. We ended up doing
    something like fifty-five sets of squats each- Arnold, The Education of a Bodybuilder
    Never in my wildest dreams on my best day ever could I ponder doing 55 sets of any type of squats...I have a hard time believing this is true, even with 250lbs.
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  5. Some of the lifting may actual be pretty impractical for most, and may not even be true but there are some very good insights and some decent information. I wouldn't use it as my main guide to actually bodybuilding but its a sweet read and a MUST if you lift weights just to have on the book shelf
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  6. Where I work (municipal recycling office), we used to have an annual book collection. A few years back, somebody brought in a softcover copy of it. That puppy went home with me!! It is a good read - written "simple" so even meatheads can understand it. Definitely a good read, and a must have!
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  7. Yep, great book. filled with some behind the scenes stories of his competition days as well.
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