After 37 days I'm going back

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    Arrow After 37 days I'm going back

    Had two injuries occur within a week of each other. First one I'm still not fully sure what all I actually hurt but my knee and calf were messed up! Could barely walk for the first week following that. Second injury was a pulled tendon in my wrist. I ended up having to go to the doctor and take some time off work in order to get that one to heal up. So after back to back injuries I'll be lifting for the first time in some 37 days!

    Obviously I'm not goin to go all out right away, but just to lift anything is going to feel amazing. This is the longest I haven't lifted in quite some time. I was beginning to get really depressed.

  2. good to hear, best of luck broseph. i didnt lift for a week or so a while back and little did i realize how much lifting IS a part of my life its hard to kick lol

  3. 37 days! After 3 days away from the gym, I am not fun to be around. You did the smart thing tho....taking that time off. My dumba$$ has screwed around with a jacked up shoulder for almost 8 months.

    Take you time and go light. Enjoy!

  4. 37 days is a long time! I've taken a week off here and there just for recovery, and have been forced to take a bit more than that due to injury (back) last winter. Make sure that you are up to the task, though. There's no use going back in just to injure yourself again and make it 57 days!

    Good luck and be strong.
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  5. what he said

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    Thanks guys. I definitely plan on taking it easy the first week or two. I don't want to be in that situation again.

  7. go really light weight for the first week back, to re strengthen the joints and injured muscles, its not a dumb thing to do so im sure it would help


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