conclusion to PREGNANT IDK?

  1. conclusion to PREGNANT IDK?

    Ok for all u guys that read my pregnant thread. My gf and I were hopeing for a baby. Well she's pregnant and we are very happy. Just thought I'd tell u guys.

  2. Congrats!

    I still remember the morning that my wife sprung the news on me. I wasn't even fully awake, head still on the pillow, and she comes over with the magic piss wand to show me a line or two or something. We weren't trying, and just recently had had the "if it happens, it happens" talk. I don't think I talked to her until after we both got home from work that day, and it hadn't sunk in for a good bit after that. But, in the end, I was foolish and our daughter just turned 2 last Friday. It's an absolute joy, man!! Being a dad is like nothing else. Enjoy the time you have and make every moment count.

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