Blackberry Problem... HELP!!!!

  1. Blackberry Problem... HELP!!!!

    my blackberry turned off randomly,

    It wont turn back on. however the red light flashes when its either plugged in or not. When i plug it in and the red light is on its charging, then when the red light goes off it stops charging, i know this because my computer is making a sound each time.

    now it never goes to that "hour glass" any more since it happened today. I was in the middle of answering a text and it just shut off.

    What can i do? it wont hold a charge long enough to erase and restore it.

  2. sometimes i see a small flash that makes it look like its gunna go on but goes to black again

  3. My blackberry is possessed...sometimes it does the same thing, shuts down for no reason, try taking the battery out, leave it out, than put it back in...It works for me.....

    RIP Ryan, :(

  4. ive tried that a zillion times even left it out for a while.

    doesnt work

  5. sorry...can you get another one? insurance? on the phone

    RIP Ryan, :(

  6. Quote Originally Posted by toughchick401 View Post
    sorry...can you get another one? insurance? on the phone

    goin tomorrow, good thing i backed it up last on 5/16 ..... eek LOL

    not bad only lose about a month..

    but i dont have insurance anymore ive had it over a year and ahalf

  7. Check for any help if you still have it. I had my storm do that when I first got it and after replacing it I found a thread on how to restore it.

  8. You can usually fix blackberries, unless it's a very rare hardware issue.


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