new guy checking in

  1. new guy checking in

    followed a link that bone posted at anabolic science and decided to stick around. hopfully i can help out a bit! see you guys around the board!

  2. Welcome brother... make yourself at home



  3. Wink

    Welcome brother......
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  4. Glad to have you here Thor. Glad to see you could make it on over. I hope you can convince some other good people to come over here with you. Hope you like it.

  5. Welcome to the board, Thor. Looking forward to learning from ya'.

  6. Welcome to AM

  7. Welcome bro, and you dont happen too be into Motocross?

  8. Welcome to the board Thor! Glad to have you!!

  9. Nice to meet you.. Talk to ya...
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  10. Where's your hammer?

    Welcome bro....
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  11. Originally posted by Bobo
    Where's your hammer?

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  12. And thor...welcome to a great place brotha.

  13. Are you thorazine from

  14. Originally posted by txwakeskater
    Welcome bro, and you dont happen too be into Motocross?

  15. Velcome my friend.

  16. This is a pretty cool place....Stick around and enjoy.......


  17. what up Thor, good to have you around

  18. Because Thor makes motocross pads/suits... I think, im not into it but abunch of my friends are... I just have my self a lil PW50 !


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