Pure amazing justice!

  1. Pure amazing justice!

    YouTube- Some hillbillies decided to pester the wrong guy!

    Yes its 6 minutes long, but oh man just watch the whole thing. All of it lol.

  2. Yea, I've seen this before. Love it!

  3. awesome

  4. This just in, its fake....

  5. It's the internet... Everything is fake. You're not even real.

  6. Saw this awhile back. I LOVED IT! PRICELESS!

    There's nothing I hate worse than some piece of **** "tough" guys.

  7. Hammerson: Do you know why Americans love guns, Mr. Hertz? And it's got nothing to do with all that phallic mumbo-jumbo, "co.ckin' your gun." No, Hertz, people love guns because America is a land of opportunity, where a poor man can become rich, and a pusy can become a tough guy, if he's got a gun in his hand. Now, I'm hopin' you're not just a pusy with a gun in your hand.
    Mr. Hertz: Oh no, sir. No, no, I am not. I'm a tough guy with a pusy in my hand.

  8. Nice vid. Brought up a few questions, though...

    1. Does the guy driving the BMW look like Mike Fortner from the Time Bandit (Deadliest Catch)?
    2. Um... are these rednecks from Canada or Main or what? That ain't no southern drawl there!
    3. I think I've been both of these - used to drive a pick-up and piss with people, now drive a Saab with a gun in it.
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