Where are you currently, and what are your short/long term goals?

  1. Where are you currently, and what are your short/long term goals?

    I thought this would be a good way to see where everyone is currently at, and see where fellow board members are trying to reach.

    Currently: 5'11" 190lbs @ 12.8% bf

    Short term goal: By july 15, i'd like to be 9% bf

    Long term goal: 220 @ 9%. When i started lifting several years ago, i was 128 lbs @ 12%, my goal is to add 100lbs of muscle onto my body =)

  2. oh BTW, i plan to update on july 15, and i WILL be 9%

  3. Right now, I'm 235 @ 12-13%....

    Short term goals aren't really what I'm after though. With me, its kinda play it by ear if you will. I just continue to add muslce as much as possible. When my BF% gets past 15% I lower cals, switch up routine, add in cardio, different supps, etc. As soon as I'm back down to 10-11% or so, I start up my bulk again. I really don't like to just kinda "cruise" so to speak like some do, I just keep on keepin' on.

    I owe my fast progress to this type of mentality. W/o it, I'd still probably be under 200lbs. cuz the cruise type periods would catch up to me and make me procrastinate. This way, I don't even have the time to think about slowing down....

    My all-time goal is [email protected] 10%BF.....I WILL get there.....I don't have any other choice....

  4. I am currently 190 10 percent bodyfat...Long term goals...240-250 but i know when i get that big i will want to be bigger because my goal used to be 225. Oh well we shall see.

  5. 5' 10"
    about 10% bf, can see majority of six pack.
    currently 174-ouch- down from 184. Cut a wee bit too hard but oh well. Short term goal is to maintian current LBM until my schedule normalizes and I can get back on my program. Looking at July-August.

    Long term goal is to top out around 225 or so. No aspirations of being a competitive BBer but one never knows.

  6. Currently 5'4" 222 lbs around 9% b/f, my short term goal to come in at 198 to 200lbs at next show qualify for nationals, long term goal win weight class at nationals.
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  7. Current- 6' 218 around 10-11% bf. calipers say under 10%, but I think I hold fat in weird places that aren't measured. I was 6' 140 when I started High School. Goal for the next month- get down under 10% & maintain 218 lbs.

    Long term- 230ish at 8-9% is all I need. I doubt I'll be happy with that when I get there, so that will surely increase.

  8. I got back into this lifestyle after about a 6-year lay-off. Got fat and out of shape. Would breath hard after going up a flight of stairs. Then said "F"-it! and went all out with training and diet. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but has commented on how she does like what she is seeing. She's 10 years younger than I am, so I need to be able to keep up!

    Last Aug. I was 5'-11", 235ish, @ 22-24% b/f. I set a short term goal then, to get down to 15% b/f by summer of 2004. I hit this mark two months ago, then set another short term goal to get to 13% b/f, with the addition of wanting to start seeing my abs that I thought were lost forever. As of today, I am 206 lbs @ 12% b/f, and my abs are becoming noticeable. My new short term goal is to get under 10% b/f this summer, and maintaining the LBM I have aquired.

    My long term goals are 1) to maintain my training and diet, 2) keep adding LBM, 3) get my legs to grow! (this has been a weak bodypart my entire life, and I have finally been putting some size on them during the past few months) 4) to never get above 15% b/f again, even during bulking! 5) Get into porn and star in movies with only the top chicks in the business. Oh wait, that would be a fantasy...sorry. Just the other four then.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs
    She's 10 years younger than I am, so I need to be able to keep up!
    You are my new hero.

  10. Now: 184 lbs. 9.5% BF. @ 5' 9"
    Short term(this year): up close to 10 lbs, dropping BF% to about 8.
    Long term(ultimately): 200-205 lbs, BF% around 6%
    Strenght gains isnt too big of a deal for me.

  11. I am 5'11, 218 down from 235,16% bf, i know it sucks but i am on IA's diet,
    my initial strength is down but planning on buying some night vision,hehe, for the dark.

    still benching lower to mid threes and deads and squats mid to higher 4's just depending on my meals for the day.

    i have always been around 20% all my life not really lifting hard. i am growing like a son and strength will be where i want it in about a year.
    Goals 8%bf MAINTAIN. 1 1/2 in. gain in my arms which would be 19, 5o inch chest, 28 inch waist, +4, -6

    MY LEGS are good and will be posting pics soon.
    My diet and training are str8, now all i need is some pharmy help.
    I am 27 and i feel i probably will reach my genetic potential by the time i am 32,4 and 1/2 years,uuuhhh, so i might speed it up a little.
    I am going to probably try that 2 week clen trimax cardio blitz of SSoldiers.
    then follow by an androgen.

  12. 3 years ago my senior year in high school i was 180lbs. up to 245 after my 3rd yr of college then down to 210 after 5 months or so, i lost a bunch of muscle and fat after a year of college football, living in the dorms and living off of campus food. i'm prolly at %12 bf. would like to get my bf in the single digits and increase strength to a 550 squat, 405 bench, and a 600 deadlift. give me a year and all will be acomplished. been lifting seriously for 4 years.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by JonBlaze639
    You are my new hero.
    You're only 21, leave those 11 y/o's alone bro!

  14. Currently 265lbs @15%
    Short term goal with first real cycle starting this September [email protected]%
    Long term goal 300lbs @10%
  15. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    You're only 21, leave those 11 y/o's alone bro!

    LMAO, you got me. No witty remark in my defense, i guess i walked right into this one.


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