Strange question..but do any of you like to push cars lol

  1. Strange question..but do any of you like to push cars lol

    A few weeks ago, I had to help my friend push his car, not too far only a few meters, at this gas station. He had to have his car moved to a certain part of the gas station and he had to leave his car there over night, because it broke down. While helping him push it, I thought this seems kind of fun lol. Of course he is much bigger than me and was doing most of the work.

  2. Actually last winter my girlfriend and I helped some chick push her Mustang around in the snow. We had gotten stuck earlier, and someone helped us out, so when we saw someone else in need, we offered a helping hand.

    Needless to say it was cold outside, but got a pretty good workout LOL

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  3. I always help girls push there **** out of the way
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  4. I've been thinking about pushing/pulling vehicles for years. I'm more of a "practical strength" sort of person, so to me it's just a handy skill to have. I used to have a Grand Cherokee with tow hooks on the front, and often considered fabbing up a harness to pull it around the block with. Unfortunately, it died and I got rid of it before doing so. And pulling a Saab around wouldn't be quite as impressive. But yes, I do enjoy pushing/pulling vehicles! Even back in high school before I ever picked up a plate, I would push the band bus (school bus) to the opposite side of the parking lot just to pizz off the band director.
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  5. I have a prowler from elite fts. After a session with it, I come inside and flop on the coach and drool for about an hour trying recover from the torture i just went through.

  6. I used to, but it's been awhile since my serious MMA conditioning.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Deeerdre View Post
    I always help girls push there **** out of the way
    You win +1 internet points.
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