Strange question..but do any of you like to push cars lol

  1. Strange question..but do any of you like to push cars lol

    A few weeks ago, I had to help my friend push his car, not too far only a few meters, at this gas station. He had to have his car moved to a certain part of the gas station and he had to leave his car there over night, because it broke down. While helping him push it, I thought this seems kind of fun lol. Of course he is much bigger than me and was doing most of the work.

  2. Actually last winter my girlfriend and I helped some chick push her Mustang around in the snow. We had gotten stuck earlier, and someone helped us out, so when we saw someone else in need, we offered a helping hand.

    Needless to say it was cold outside, but got a pretty good workout LOL

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    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  3. I always help girls push there **** out of the way
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  4. I've been thinking about pushing/pulling vehicles for years. I'm more of a "practical strength" sort of person, so to me it's just a handy skill to have. I used to have a Grand Cherokee with tow hooks on the front, and often considered fabbing up a harness to pull it around the block with. Unfortunately, it died and I got rid of it before doing so. And pulling a Saab around wouldn't be quite as impressive. But yes, I do enjoy pushing/pulling vehicles! Even back in high school before I ever picked up a plate, I would push the band bus (school bus) to the opposite side of the parking lot just to pizz off the band director.
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  5. I have a prowler from elite fts. After a session with it, I come inside and flop on the coach and drool for about an hour trying recover from the torture i just went through.

  6. I used to, but it's been awhile since my serious MMA conditioning.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Deeerdre View Post
    I always help girls push there **** out of the way
    You win +1 internet points.
    Just inject.

  8. Heheeeeheeee:-)
    I know this is an old thread, but COME ON....
    This is hysterical:-)
    Do not mention my language skills..I am norwegian.

  9. LMAO!!!!
    Please help! !!!!
    Is this for real??
    Do not mention my language skills..I am norwegian.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by oyvind View Post
    Please help! !!!!
    Is this for real??
    Is what real?
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  11. Great way to save gas
    The more I progress, the more I want to progress

  12. Push.jpg

    Looks like a good workout to me !!

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  13. Quote Originally Posted by Aleksandar37 View Post
    Is what real?
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by Jiigzz View Post
    Life saved me from pushing cars (and learned me the secret of dumbbells instead) :-)
    Do not mention my language skills..I am norwegian.


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