Yet another new guy!

  1. Yet another new guy!

    Hello all, names Jay and I'm new to the board. Have been reading all the posts over the last week and feel like I already know all of you, so I figured it was time to introduce myself.

    Some of you already know me from the Gaining Mass board where I moderate and help out fellow ectos, hey PJ and Bean. Anywho's, there is a real lack of knowledge when it comes to PH over there so I thought I would start to educate myself in them rather than just following the band wagon of for/against. After reading all of Big Cats articles (holy crap that took forever), and some surfing here and there, along with a little nudge in the right direction from curt2go (thanks dude!), I found this wonderful place. I have to say I've learned a tremendous amount of information on PHs here and hopefully will be able to give some back as my own knowledge increases.

    Anyways, just wanted to say hello, and thanks for having such a great place to get the facts, good or bad.


  2. Welcome....
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  3. Welcome

  4. Glad your sticking around draven. Pogue is also from AE's board but hes using a different nick.

    Hey draven just kind of curious but you don't believe jay mc when he said your destined to get prostate cancer or with this stuff???

    I sort of agree with him and even big cat mentions the possibility in his article. I think though that taking saw palmetto and other prostate supplements all the time helps though and its been proven that estrogen blockers also help with enlargement of prostate.

  5. Originally posted by pjorstad
    Hey draven just kind of curious but you don't believe jay mc when he said your destined to get prostate cancer or with this stuff???
    Well, I am not really sure, I'm still trying to take as much information in as I can before I start formulating a solid opinion on that, and other issues. From what I've read most of the side effects can be controlled, to some extent, by cycling properly and, as you said, proper supplementation. However, no one really knows for sure what the long term effects of constant use are, as far as I know. So I would say Jay is working on a current assumption that constant aggrevation of the prostate may lead to cancer. But I'm not qualified to agree or disagree with that statement. Jay, as you know, is currently study for his MD so perhaps he is party to information we are not. So, "I'm not sure" would be my best answer to that question.

  6. Nice to have you here. You can really learn a lot about phs here. Start the fun.

  7. welcome draven

    power to the ectos!

    oh and raiders suck!


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