Where to find clothes...

  1. Where to find clothes...

    Any suggestions on where to find trendy/in style short sleeve, button down shirts for someone who's 6'4" 260 with a 52" chest? The typical mall stores don't carry anything large enough and still a cool shirt.

    I'm in Dallas TX so we have most of the big stores and some of the high end stuff too. Don't rule out any suggestions based on price.

  2. Big and tall xl?

    I've seen it in Daytona

  3. Hmmmmmm......dont wear a whole lot of button down shirts that are short sleeves.

    I'll see what I can find for you though bro.

  4. jcpenney and macys usually have big and tall sections. try there. i also have a 52 inch chest so its hard to find alot of things. i have luck though at Aeropostale. try there also. i walked into Hollister the other day just to see if anything would fit, i looked at the XXL and it is like a men's normal medium.



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