regular gym or home gym

  1. regular gym or home gym

    guys, what do prefer, training at home or training at a regular gym?

  2. If I was to train ay home it would need to be set apart from the house and id need a good sized space. So until I'm able to have a good set up ill be at a gym for public use

  3. I like both.
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  4. Have done both, def prefer a gym. Too many distractions for me at home - wife, kids, etc. At home, I have multiple things going on, I only go to the hym to lift.

  5. Home, my family leaves me alone for the time of lifting. I can grunt, use chalk, dress the way I want with no offence to anybody's feelings. I can even do curls in a squat rack, if I wanted to And I don't have to wait to use the equipment.

  6. Gym.

    Just can't get focused at home like I do there.
  7. Cassavus
    Cassavus's Avatar

    Definitely the gym. Way too many distractions at home to get anything productive done workout wise.


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