Scammer I.N.O.N.

  1. Scammer I.N.O.N.

    I was browsing thorugh the Swap Meet section when I ran across items being sold by I.N.O.N. After checking this F-sticks profile, I got suspicious. Go figure. I clicked on a link he supplies in his name that leads to a web page where this douche is claiming to be opening a supplement store, along with a forum. While looking at the home page, I noticed some posts from names that had been banned from here. It looks as if this F-stick is supplying articles to his own site, but using other names. Kinda like what he was doing here a couple of months back.

    Names he was using here at AM and was banned under include the following:

    1) jacked-mo-fo
    2) Hausekat
    3) Jeffy-P

    I'm sure there are others out there as well.

    This is the guy who was wanting to become a "personal trainer" and even started his own website for it. Now he's claiming to operate a supplement store??? Whatever. This guy would start posts under one name, then answer with his other names.

    Mods, please look into this and get him the hell out of here...again!

  2. So the guy was just trying to draw traffic to his own web sight?

  3. Dude...that is a 17 or 18. Hes the guy who posted pics in the pic section with those queer little shorts. Its amazing what one can do now with the internet.. I wonder if Sledge knows that hes claiming to be selling Designer's products??

  4. I've never purchased anything from him, so I can't tell you whether or not he's a scammer. But I have had several conversations with him on AIM and he seems like a pretty nice guy. From what I gather, he's a Senior in HS trying to launch a legitimate supplement store.

  5. The Designer Supps were my own personal purchase
    so are they other products....

    Sheesh knows IM not some scammer, good Gosh
    You guys need to get a life

    My brother has set up the accounts, until just recenlty he told me about this site, and said it would be good to sell some of my supp's that i dont use anymore, that ive already opened, and that its a good place to come and talk

    So I came, and I get this.
    To many people jump to conclusions, just so they can improve there status, in which people will try and hold u to a higher regard because you think you caught a scammer.
    I dont know what my brother has posted, but I will search through here and find out.
    I hold my customers first, they are the boss, and this just puts a bad look to my business. In no way do I want to catergorize myself with idiotic things such as this, I want my business to be put in highest regards. With dreams and an outlook such as this, why would I come to a message board and screw around and set my OWN business, and put all my hard work and dedication right down the drain????

    Im out, Sorry for this miscommunication

    I've said what is true.......

  6. I have to say that he seems like an ambitious person that has done nothing wrong IMO.

  7. My site should be opened by June 1st

    I will have all the top brand supplements available.

    For this miscommunication, and to show I am legit
    I will provide Free Shipping on all of my products to people who
    were confused in this process.

    So to everyone who has already posted in this thread, i will send you a Certificate Discount with a confirmation #. Once the site is set up, just use that # and your account will be automatically logged, once you become a member and you, and you only , will receive Free Shipping for Life.

    If you want to try my business out, then the Free Shipping will become of use. If you dont trust me, Im sorry. Your loss.


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