Finding a job.

  1. Finding a job.

    Are any other recent college grads having an extremely hard time finding jobs? I graduate in May of last year and damnit I've had almost no luck at all, still working at a dead end part time job. Maybe public health wasn't the best choice, so much for wanting to make an impact if I can't even get my foot in the door.

  2. -Try gov and hospitals.

    -Intern again.

    -monster/headhunter/job agency

    I feel your pain, almost the same situation.

    *just want to say that most people who graduate under a certain degree, ends up working outside of it.

  3. As a recent college grad there is a very strong possibility you will have to work at a somewhat ****ty/low paying job for a year or two to gain some experience to even be considered for anything half decent. As liquid said, Gov. jobs are a good way to go, there are a billion of them, but even with all the openings, I don't think they are easy to get. Interning again isn't a bad idea either, but some people can't afford to not be receiving a matter how small. Keep at it dude, contact some job agencies, and it also helps if you are able to/willing to move.

  4. Ability to relocate is a big plus. I've seen co-worker's get turned down for promotion's (myself included) because i was not wanting to relocate. Something to think about,especially if your single with no kid's.

  5. thx guys. yea I've tried some state government jobs its just that everyone wants two years experience but *if no one will hire me then BINGO I'll get no experience past my internship i've already done And yea I can l relocate, actually I'm looking to go back to Charlotte (where I graduated from). I've got a little girl and her mother needs to finish graduating so I'm trying to stay in state at least.

    I have been offered a job in costa rica and peru taking rich business men on deep sea fishing expeditions, good pay, put up in a nice house, but I'd like to be around my little girl.

  6. We all had to start some where bro. Best of luck. Hope you find something you like soon.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by manny1010 View Post
    We all had to start some where bro. Best of luck. Hope you find something you like soon.
    Yea I got ya, I'm not expecting something to fall into my lap or anything, just something to cover bills at least at first Thx for the well wishes.


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