Back From The Dead

  1. Back From The Dead

    Hey guys, some of you older bros might remember me back from when this place first opened up (post count doesnt mean everything)...I've been AWOL for a while dealing with some hard personal times but I want all of you to know that I wouldn't have made it through without knowledge that I learned here...You don't need to be the loudest or most ego-oriented individual to have friends. I lost my way but found it again thanks to the knowledge I got from this place. Time to start training seriously again and I'm going to document it all in this post. I was up to 215 at 5'8" and about 12-14% I'm down to 195 but a little leaner...I was in a bad place for about a month and a half and an even worse place in my mind for the better part of a year...So here's to mental breakdowns and hardcore training and all the glory that comes from both of them (well at least the latter). Listen to your own body and mind, you never know what you might learn...Glad to be back and in the forums...

  2. Welcome back.

  3. Welcome back and glad you are doing better...

  4. Hell yeah, welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaack...

    Hehe, surviving mental and physical hardships will only make you stronger....
  5. PC1
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    Best of luck bro. Glad to hear the worst is behind you now.

  6. Welcome back, glad you are still around.

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