Pat Tillman, former safety for the Cardinals was killed in action.

  1. Pat Tillman, former safety for the Cardinals was killed in action.

    Some of you may be aware by now that Pat Tillman was killed in action in Afghanistan . His mom was one my teachers in high school and she always talked about how great her son was. She is real nice lady and one of the favorite teachers at Willow Glen High. This man turned down millions in the NFL to join the Army Rangers, R.I.P to him and all who have been KIA protecting our country.

  2. That's very sad news indeed. This guy personified what guts were all about, and was definitely a true patriot. Too bad this war in Iraq is little more than an imperialistic crusade set about by Bush.

  3. Too bad he got killed in Afghanistan, dip****. You just pissed me off something fierce. I don't give a **** what your political opinion is in a thread about one hell of a man, a far better man than you or I will ever be. I have loved this story for the past few years and view it as an awesome inspiration. What he did nobody on this board would do. He didn't just join the army, he joined the Rangers and wen to a theatre of war all the while turning down 3.6 mil.

  4. Oh ****, you definitely got me on that one, my apologies sent out to anyone offended. I was a little quick in reading the headlines and misread where he lost his life, interchanging Afghanistan and Iraq.

  5. Tillman was a soldier on the field, and overseas man. I remember watching the story break that he and his brother was entering the service. Great man

  6. Was saddened to the point of breaking down when I saw his eulogy; I have nothing but the highest regards for this American hero. Few people ever get my complete respect, and Pat Tillman is at the top of my list.

  7. He even turned down a bigger offer from the St. Louis Rams a few years ago out of loyalty to the Cardinals, that also speaks volumes about his character.


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