An inquiry for those of you who shave your heads

  1. An inquiry for those of you who shave your heads

    With summer just about here again I'll once again be shaving my head. I'm a lucky recipient of pisspoor genes when it comes to mpb, so I tend to keep my hair very closely cropped most of the year, and cleanly shaved for the summer months. My question for you guys is this, how can I avoid the shiny-dome syndrome that tends to plague me?

    I've tried various washes for reducing oil buildup on my scalp, but it seems that most of these just tend to leave a glossy looking residual on my cranium. I'm looking to avoid blinding the other poor individuals that are exposed to my noggin, and could use some tips for keeping the glare to a minimum.

  2. just dont use a razor i use electric clippers that shave really close

  3. 1. only use a mach3, this reduces the those nicks and cuts that make you look like a sickly bastard
    2. get tanned, greatly reduces glare
    3. put some non greasy sunblock on it, again it reduces some glare
    4. if necessary get some skin toned powder (yes Im talking about makeup) and tap your head with it

    shaved head for five years now

  4. If all else bro, use some of that sunless tanning **** on your head. I've bee bald for 3 years now and love it. I will probably never grow hair again, then again I kinda like the chrome dome look

  5. Headblade is the way to go..

  6. Wear a hat!


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