Just saying Hi

  1. Just saying Hi

    Hey, just wanted to hi cause Im new to this forum, I am Grant, and I am 20 from GA, I mainly joined up because I wanted to learn about prohormones and storage of them, because of the proposed ban, but I found there is alot more to learn on this board. I do not want to do PH now, because I feel I am too young, but if I want to do them in a few years, and I wanted to have some in case of a ban. Looks like yall have a good forum here,


  2. Welcome to AM, Grant.

  3. Hey man. I'm movin back to ga a week from Sunday.

    How's the weather down there?

  4. Its been pretty sunny on everyday, and its starting to get hot. Hasnt rained in a while either, probably a week or two. GOod weather in my book.

  5. Sounds good bro. It snowed today up here 0_0...



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