First day of trout season...

  1. First day of trout season...

    Who all went first day of trout season? I may be talking out of my ass though cuz maybe its just for PA people???

    Anyways, I was supposed to camp out like always Friday night, but ran into some $hit I had to deal with. Wasn't able to actually get out there until today. Did okay, caught 4 myself, and 9 other friends all caught about the same, even the girls...

    Last year was insane, we had the biggest fish fry ever, something like 100 or close to it.

    Anybody else do any good??

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. I guess I'm lucky. I can trout fish out here in Ca. anytime I want. In fact, there are fising holes all over where I live. A river runs through just 1/2 mile form my house. My in-laws have a cabin just 30 minutes up the mountain from me, where the fishing is great.

  3. over in harrisburg. Can't fish till wed (day off)

  4. Quote Originally Posted by profbiv
    over in harrisburg. Can't fish till wed (day off)
    I work in Harrisburg, live about 15 minutes south. Small world

    Anyway, wish I had the time to go, I'm so busy with work and night classes I don't even know what to do with myself when I have a minute I know a few decent places around here, always rainbow trout though it seems, never any brown trout.

  5. Yeah, I know what you mean weave. Although last year, we had two different dudes catch a palamino (sp). They were probably around 30 inches or so. Another friend caught a tagged brown, pretty big as well.

    I got the day off tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't rain much so I can head out again.

    Cuffs, you're a lucky SOB bro. Wish I had those kind of resources...

  6. powells creek in dauphin brown and others

    boiling springs not that bad either

  7. See I used to go every opening day here in NJ, but for what its worth, the trout stamps are just a waste of money. They need to ban trout fishing for like a few years so these bitches have time to grow.... I should come out to PA or something, sounds like you have some nice fish... Here in NJ your lucky to find a lake that you wouldn't be scared to eat the fish out of..



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