Hugo Girard

  1. Hugo Girard

    Hugo Girard, the Canadien powerlifter came to my gym today. He did a shoulder/triceps workout, and talked about training, and diet. This guy is huge. He did behind the neck presses with 365lbs for reps of 5-6. Then he did close grip bench with 455 for reps of 5-6. Wish it had been leg day for him because that would have been really impressive. The best part is I get to go and train for the actual strongman events with him tomorrow. There's a wharehouse about 20 mins from my gym with all the equipment. This **** is going to be awesome.

  2. sounds kickass man

  3. 455 close grip??? wouldnt ur wrists explode...i can bearly do 225 close grib without crying.

  4. I guess that's why he's the second strongest man in the world. He's also coming back from an injury, and said that his weights would have normally been higher. He really didn't look like he was straining at all. Really impressive.

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