hello all,

this is the first forum i have joined but have read many.
i done several cycles of anabolics in the past, but through recommedation have just started on CJC1295 & GHRP-6.

Having just read a few threads on here, i fear i may have just ruined a few months worth of my cycle.
A few days ago i diluted the CJC1295 into a 30ml bottle of bac water, and did the same with the GHRP-6.
however......... having just read some threads on here i fear i may have just ruined it!?!?!
Is it right that everything i have diluted (30ml of each) will expire and be useless in a short period of time??? i am only taking 400mcg of each a day, therefore whats in the bottles is over 2 months worth.

Not much of an intro to the forum i know, but have a mini panick attack lol