To All Australians Get in Here!

  1. Red face To All Australians Get in Here!

    When you order something that gets shipped from anywhere via usps how long on average does it take to reach you where you live?

    what do tracking numbers look like for international shipping?

    Thanks alot in advance

  2. you talking about UPS or USPS (united states postal service).

    If it's USPS, it has taken me 7 - 10 working days in the past. That's because when it arrives in Australia, it's then handled by Australia Post. As far as tracking, USPS from my experience takes forever to update their status. Not to mention, once the parcel was in Australia, their tracking system no longer gave updates.

    If you have a tracking no, best to call Australia Post and mention it to them.

  3. what is the postage and handling price usually? say on something like 1 kg of protein

  4. No something less then half a kilo

  5. how about a 225gm tub of jack3d, its about au$110 when bought from an aussie store and around $25 in the US



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