I really like it when the electricity comes back!

  1. Smile I really like it when the electricity comes back!

    I woke up Thursday morning to a beautiful winter wonderland, everything was covered in snow and it was snowing hard... It snowed all day, what a beautiful show... Thursday night it slowed down and almost came to a stop. A lot of snow had accumulated on trees and various areas in the city started losing electricity. Then right around 9pm we lost electricity!

    We went through three very cold nights without electricity; it finally came back about 45 minutes ago.

    "I won't take you for granted again, thanks for coming back... now get to work!"

  2. Hope you don't have an electric water heater.

  3. 3 nights?
    that is awful.
    after hurricane georges directly hit us in '98, it only took 5 days for our power to come back. that must have been a hell of a snow.

  4. Gas water heaters, gas fireplace, and gas stove top.

    It was rough... I don't know how others make it without utilities for a long time, or even just a roof over their head.

  5. Had that happen a lot around me. So I bought a gas generator. The best thing I bought in a long time.
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