Firstly sorry, i made an account just to self-promote a website
But it's there, i'm looking to get some people to help me update it.
It's basically a digg/reddit/wiki clone, but focusing on a specific niche -- bodybuilding & steroids.
url = (or
TheFront section = news, and intersting stuff found on webs.
Share! = User stories. Got some interesting ppl on there.
Products = wiki-like (anyone registered can edit) product descriptions
Galleries = well, pics..
Providers = Supposed to be a list of online, not sure about this one, might take it down...

Anyways, any content can be up/down voted, commented.
Feel free to check it out, vote, submit, edit... if you can be bothered.
anon commenting/voting is enabled for now.
again, sorry for the shameless self-promotion