Did i fracture something?

  1. Did i fracture something?

    Ok I did not know where to post this so I figured this one would be alright.

    Ok so i was working sunday the seventh of this month and I was carrying some materials onto my boat that I work on. When I was walking over one of the tarps that was on the deck caught my foot. I was not able to get my foot loose, so i tripped and landed on both knees, straight onto this metal gratting. It scratched up my knees pretty bad and hurt real bad. Well since then my knee has been sore. I have had to support when im walking but i am still able to do everything i need to do at work. Just when i walk down steps or take off my boots or turn my leg sideways it hurts. I have been iceing it and it seems to help a little. So its been six days, what you guys think? did i fracture something, is it a torn tendon, or is it just bruised? Im hopeing its just bruised.....

  2. meniscus are tricky little buggers, go see a ortho guy and get a MRI,

    RIP Ryan, :(

  3. i dont know if its meniscus, if he only fell straight forward with no twisting. plain films could help in this instance to rule out a fracture. then you'd just have to give it time to heal and MRI further down the road if you're not progressing.,

  4. Could it be an irritated bursa?

  5. I was simply saying dont rule it out, mine was overlooked, and it led to many months of pain, than surgery...
    RIP Ryan, :(

  6. Yikes! well i guess ill get it checked later?


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