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    So Im moving to houston in a month. I was just seeing if anyone here lives there or is from there. As far as places to live does anyone know of places of the City I should avoid. Or in the reverse know of good areas? Talking with a couple friends they said Im pretty safe in any of the burbs. Cypress, Katy, Pasadena ect.

  2. I live in Sugar Land, go to Katy, and Houston all the time; they are right next to each other. It is pretty safe in the burbs, real lively atmosphere. Better get used to Houston drivers and traffic haha. They have some pretty good gyms in Houston too.. Has everything you need for any entertainment and it is close to the gulf...

  3. Ya. I found a couple places in Katy I want to look at when I get down there. Im staying with a friend to start. Which in nice, that way I will be able to look around. Like any renting ad they always look nice online

  4. I would go with sugar land mate, no offense to anyone that lives in Katy, but it has nothing going on...

  5. thanks. Ill check it out

  6. My brother lives in Katy. Seems pretty decent place to live.

  7. Oh ahem...this might "help", Help I'm Moving to Houston

  8. Bro The Woodlands.. everything you need is there and a bunch of good looking rich females hahah. I live in Spring

  9. good ol spring-cyprus

  10. i live in league city (south east H). just stay away from from like southpoint area at night lol
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  11. Amen to that ^^^^^^^^ haha


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