We have implemented an integrated Live Help addition to the board. It is centralized with AM but will include each sponsor. Basically, each sponsor will have their own private "chat line". If they are online the button will say so...otherwise it'll say offline.

My intent is to get the sponsor closer to their customers...namely YOU. It can be used for instant communication and resolution of problems if they occur.

Currently, we have 2 departments set up: General AM Help (located top right) and also Custom Nutrition Warehouse has volunteered to help testing. In order to test his department you'll have to visit his section of the board ( http://www.anabolicminds.com/forum/f...splay.php?f=60 ) and click his button.

If he is not online shoot him an email anyway. It will test the offline message routing. If he is online, ask him for a good deal on some research chems

Come on bros...I need your help in testing this!

BTW, don't test the General Board Live Help...I've already tested it