Did I Just Get Scammed?

  1. Did I Just Get Scammed?

    First off if this is the wrong place to post this im sorry. Im just in need of exposure and help.

    I recently was in need of a tighter squat suit for an upcoming meet and looked around. I found a site that had the best price and seemed legit from all appearances... The site is . I paid extra for the 2 Day UPS shipping. I payed through Paypal and the site is paypal secure and verified however on the website the order status only remains as "Paid". I have emailed the company owner but to there was no response. Am I just paranoid and did anyone ever order form this site? Thanks alot!

  2. How long has it been since you ordered?

    Have you gotten any type of email discussing the order, confirmation that it was ordered?

    When dealing with smaller firms that use paypal, sometimes depending on the system they are using, it may take a few days. I know with some companies that use certain methods, the system will not update until after it ships. For instance, i had a company sit on "processing" even after I received the product. So, just saying, it could be legit....if this has been over 1 week, i'd get worried.
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  3. Well I ordered it last thursday. Something just doesnt seem right. Im an idiot in the first place for not checking before hand...the worst part is the meet is next Saturday and Im going to have to stretch the suit because I dont think I can just use a brand new suit right away can I?

  4. Not new as in, unpack it and head to the meet, no. You can but it's going to be extremely odd ball all the way, I'll tell you that.

    Is there any type of number?
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---

  5. Yes There is an order number. And yes thats what I thought...

  6. Nevermind. Cleared Up. Talked to the owner on the phone.


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