How many of you guys started training after high school?

  1. How many of you guys started training after high school?

    How many of you guys got into bodybuilding after high school? I always loved Arnold movies as a kid and still do. He was my hero growing up, but when I hit my teens I became lazy. There was a weight training class I was in, but I wasn't motivated and the teacher didn't know sh*t about building muscle. I wasn't real active until about 19. I think my main reason for being so lazy, was I never had a male figure around to push me. I was raised by my mom until 7, then I went to live with my grandmom (father's side).

  2. Thats not a bad time in your life to get into Bodybuilding, considering as long as in high school you were healthy, 19 is a good starting point. Personally I started in the weight room freshman year of high school thats because I was an athlete and had motivation to put time in on the field and in the weight room.
    not untill around senior year did I really start getting into weight lifting for muscular size and vanity, along with athletic performance.
    Most importantly its not when you start, or where you start, its where your at, and your path to your goals. the best thing about bodybuilding, and weight lifting in general is it's you against yourself. Theres always gonna be bigger, stronger dudes out there, but as long as your stronger, or more in shape, or just closer to your goal in general than you were yesterday, your among the best.

  3. I started training at 21 after i had lived a pretty physically lazy lifestyle during high school

  4. I started with a crappy weight training class senior year in high school. Was weak as hell and yeah, the teacher wasn't much help. In college I started working out more, but engineering major didn't leave me with much free time to get to the gym regularly. Ended up going maybe once or twice a week, but I got better about it towards the end.

    Now that I'm working I try to get to the gym at least 3 times a week, and try to hit 2 muscle groups per workout, with some cardio and ab work thrown in as well. I can't say I'm making incredible gains (doesn't feel like my bench has increased much at all in the past year, but I'm incorporating more different exercises now), but I am maintaining a good level of fitness. Going to try to really keep track of how much I'm lifting and push myself to do either more reps or more weight with each workout.

    I was also a bit of a momma's boy coming up (raised by my mom, and our household was me, her, my grandma, and my aunt!) but I think I turned out alright... haha.

    But anyway, I think it's a lot easier to get into bodybuilding after highschool anyway, just because by then you'll have a lot more access to gyms (whether its through money for membership, college access, or just more knowledge about how to put your own home gym together).

  5. I started during my senior year in high school.

  6. I started when I was 21 or so. High school just wanted to party and smoke,smoke, smoke!!!

  7. I did some weightlifting in high school but it was on my own with no direction. No supplements or anything. Then I stopped for a while and began to pick it up again around 2000 and have slowly learned my way to getting stronger and bigger. I have also found a routine that I liked in the last 2 years that I am sticking with as well that is helping me to get stronger as well as maintain that strength and size. Rest Pause training.


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