How juiced do you think Stallone is?

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  1. How juiced do you think Stallone is?

    I assume that everyone in this forum knows that testosterone and HGH are perscribed to guys over 40, and those are the two things that Stallone was caught with. We also know that Stallone had already managed to create a farely impressive phasique when he was younger, when most people assume he was all natural. So how juiced do you guys think he really is? I tend to believe that he was taking enough of something to make lean gains, instead of putting on any pudding on his weight gaining diet, but that's just me.

  2. Oh, he did use AAS in his early years and now, hell, his whole life..

  3. Well, we have to consider 3 things:

    1. He started to burn out and lose weight throughout the eighties. I doubt that he was jacked when he showed up for Rocky 3, and he had lost some serious weight since Rocky 2.

    2. He actually admits that he took something when he whanted to gain lean mass for one of the Rambo movies.

    3. He gained a lot of mass after 50. I think that says something about how tough the guy was when he was younger.

  4. He looks like he swims in a vat of HGH daily.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    He looks like he swims in a vat of HGH daily.
    Hey, he keeps it real lol. Wish I could do that, i'm jealous.

  6. The guy is heavily juiced n Growth Hormoned. I'll prooly b the same way when I'm 62 years old.

  7. His wife's hot. I'm sure whatever he uses, there's a test base ...if you catch my drift.

  8. I have a lot of respect for him. he makes no excusles and tells the world he like HGH and Test and his body speaks for itself. Suzanne Sommers ( threes company and the thighmaster)) also promots hormone replacement openly on larry King Live. Arnold Swatznegger is quiet on the subject and simply says steroids were legal when he took them.


  9. He looks good and healthy. He's a good defense for people that say steroids and GH are bad for you. I think those people are just jealous. How many years has he been using?

  10. I love it .... HE JUICED HIS F'N FACE OFF for the latest Rambo movie..
    Just the sheer size he had in that film is ridiculous. Men his age (or any age) don't look like that naturally.. Plus you need to consider the size he was during all the Rocky films.. nothing compared to his latest Rambo/Rocky flicks.

  11. [quote=David [/quote]

    My point exactly ... I love Stallone

  12. Punishment= 22 thousand maximum fine??!! Pocket change..

  13. Stallone openly talked about using HGH before the last Rambo movie on an interview with Howard Stern. He's one bad mother for his age if ya ask me

  14. Cobra!


  15. Both of those pictures are epic!

  16. Besides all his obvious good movies, I loved him in Demolition Man...

    "How the hell do the three sea shells work?" heheh

    Juicing done intelligently really seems to provide more benefits than negatives. Just the curse of society's standard citizen being an idiot raises issues. That and their susceptibility to media blitzing to shape their personalities and moral/political views.

  17. Nothing compares to him in Rockey 5 when he fought the Russian. He was Shredded, Arnold always had size over him but Rockey 5 he had one of the best physique's ever. I just watched a peice of one of his old movies the other night, Get Carter where he was like a Goon. He had some size in that one but he was always dressed but you could tell he was beefed up.

    Cobra was on the other night to, he looked like he was under 200 in Cobra but he was still lean, Stallone is probally a naturally lean guy so if he didnt use anything he would have probally always been under 200 pounds, plus I dont think he is very tall.

    Once again Rockey 5 is the best he ever looked, matter of fact all those cats in Rockey1-5 were jacked, Mr T was jacked, appollo creed, Dragon.
  18. I have to respect him

    He is not making to many film anymore and not making money off selling gear so he has no personal incentive to promote HGH or testosterne etc.

    He appears to be a standup guy. He and Suzanne Sommers are risking their own reputation posting their opinions that are counter the current popular opinion. Arnold (Govenor of massachusetts) is staying low key not to offend to republicans and says that Steroids were legal when he took them. I would have more respect for him if he gave his honest opinion on taking gear. he made $$ of films such as the Tesrminator etc from the gear. It is sort of two faced. He does look like he is not taking the huge amount he took when he was making films. I bet h is on HGH and a smaller amount of Test E right now. Just my opinion.


  19. Quote Originally Posted by steve12345 View Post

    Arnold (Govenor of massachusetts)

    I believe you mean governor of California

  20. Arnold was the biggest during the Conan movies.

    Stallone is in unbelievable shape for his age. Living testimony for "anti-aging medicine"

  21. Cliff Hanger showed him not to shabby i may add. Some of those climb scenes showed him at his best!

  22. Rocky 4 was the Ivan Drago fight, and why does he need hgh when he has his own supplement line? Lol

  23. Am I the only guy who believes he was natural at least through the 80's?

  24. Can anyone show a link to his interview on Stern?


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