Just saying hello....

  1. Just saying hello....

    You may have seen me on some of the other boards, just registered and wanted to say howdy

  2. Welcome.. Talk to ya..
    Allow PHP BB Code Yes

  3. Yes we have.... and you provide a wealth of knowledge and its appreciated.... welcome!

  4. Glad to have you Cirrus

  5. Glad to have you onboard. Seen your name around and look forward to your valuable insight.

  6. Welcome to the party. Come and hang around for awhile sure you will like it.

  7. welcome to the forum

  8. Thanks everyone, nice crowd here and very welcoming. I'm a newbie with the gear, but been in the iron game for about 4 years now. Mostly trained as a powerlifter, but now want to focus on BBing before father time makes it impossible (I'm 42 yr old).

  9. Hey Cirrus, I've seen you at some other boards, welcome to our happy land

  10. Originally posted by jweave23
    welcome to our happy land

    Leave it to the WeaveMan to call our place "Happy Land."

    I guess, in a way, that does kind of describe our "special" place.

  11. Welcome, Cirrus.

  12. welcome to the board cirrus!


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