New AM Icons

  1. New AM Icons

    Nice work admins/mods/whoever did it. It really makes the site look alot snazzier and cleaner.

  2. That would be Chemo. He's gotta be bored or something. But it is looking pretty tight. Windows XPish. The same day a new sponser signs up, the money is allready going to work for the board. Good work bro.


  3. Nah, he just upgraded to vBulletin 3.0.0 "Gold". It's the final release version of vBulletin 3. These are the new standard icons.

    I was just going to comment on how the admin is keeping the board updated. Not a lot of big boards stay up to date b/c it's a lot of work to update a big board. My board is small, so it only took me a half hour or so.

  4. I know for a fact that Chemo works his ass off in the background on this board.. he has installed quiet a few hacks that all you to do things that you can't normally do.. and this is a big blessing to all the mods and Bobo and I.. BOSS THANKS

  5. Yes, big thanks to the boss-meister on this one. I really enjoy having a board that runs smooth and looks good.

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  6. Where is this board hosted? Is it on a dedicated server??

  7. why?
    I think it is a dedicated server...

  8. Board looks good, props to Chemo!


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