Tanning Question

  1. Tanning Question

    I was recently going to the tanning bed to grab a little color. My workout buddy actually works at a doctors office here and the doc (who removes melanomas) was telling me about all the negative health impacts it has.

    So my question is this. Is there a way to get some color in a tanning bed while still protecting my skin? Or is there another way without the tanning bed all together. (not interested in painting myself, so rule that one out)

  2. The sun.

  3. well I'm obviously not going to lay out in the sun in December in Georgia. It's not New York mind you, but it's still way too damn cold.

  4. I just go in the T-bed for 15 min. max and wear like #4 sunscreen......It all depends on how fair your skin is.........just don't torch yourself and you should be safe.

  5. injectable melanotan II

  6. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    injectable melanotan II
    you still need some sun.. but this stuff is great.

    i got a lot of noticeable moles all over me.. but they went away after i stopped taking it.. good test run

  7. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    injectable melanotan II
    Amen. Even my irish ass got a tan with that stuff.

    Cool thing is usually I tan a redish color. With melanotan I turned brown like a mexican lol.

  8. spray tan. sun still has UV rays.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  9. where can u get the inject mela?
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  10. Its a peptide and you can get it at most any research chem sites. You know the rules though mate, no source posting.. Sry...


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