Anyone else fingers stiffen the morning after lifting?

  1. Anyone else fingers stiffen the morning after lifting?

    I don't know if this is a getting older thing, but the morning after i lift now my left hands pinkey and ring finger tighten and almost lock up when in a fist. Only in the morning and it goes away after using my hand for a few minutes. Do i have Arthritis? damn i'm too young to be getting old.....hahaha

  2. It sounds like an Ulnar nerve neuropathy. It might not be but it is the most likely for those symptoms. The "clawing" is known as Froment's sign, it is caused by disruption of the Ulnar motor fibres.

    Another entrapment site is Guyon's canal in the hand, it used to be called "Cyclist's Palsy". I thought my nerve damage was there but a conduction study showed that it was in my elbow (the most common Ulnar entrapment site). There are a few more places it can be squashed but the elbow is the most common.

    I hope I can link to this site! (Sorry mods for the link thing but I thought this was important as nerve damage can be irreversible).

    I had a Cubital Tunnel release for a compressed Ulnar a few weeks ago (roof of the tunnel cut open). It is going well and the sensation in that distribution of my hand improved straight away.

    I didn't have any motor problems, only sensory, but everyone has different symptoms. I know someone else who has only had motor problems but he is waiting to see how mine is a a few months before he decides on an operation!

    I had symptoms for about 10 months before the operation which restricted my upper body training after I found out what it was. It's better to get it fixed quickly as it improves the chances of a more complete recovery.

    I've done lots of research on CuTS if I can be of any help to you.

    Try sleeping with your arm straight and don't lie on it. Bending the arm makes the tunnel smaller. Also make sure you aren't just restricting the blood supply by lying on your arm!

    All the best,


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