Having problems with the board...

  1. Having problems with the board...

    I've been having a lot of problems with this board lately. every time I look at the post dates now, they are all mixed up.. Like it says that on posts from a few days ago, it will say that its posted today at 3:30 PM? The same goes withe the ones highlighted for new replies when logging back on today, etc.

    I first logged on today, and was reading some PM's. So I tried to reply back, and it said the admin only allows one post every 60 seconds?? Or someting like that. Hopefully I'll br able to post this thread, dunno...*crossing fingers*

  2. Me too. I can't see new post because it says the admin will only let you search every 30secs.

  3. Wow, I just logged on again at 12:47am and the board is totally wacked now. I see members that are logged on at the top of the page, but I don't think its right. It has like 5 people in chat for the past hour and a half?

    Besides shadow, anyone else having problems?

    Man, where's the hackers when you need 'em,

  4. Well earlier I got the error "the page cannot be displayed". I think it is most likely just server problems.

  5. I think you are correct.. I believe Chemo is working on the problems..

  6. We are working on the problems right now... hopefully everything will be back in order shortly.


  7. Good to hear WYD...

  8. The problem is that the server had to be rebooted and it ran a "scan disk" when it came back up. It screwed the time for about a day or so until I caught it (both the server time and default timezone) so there are posts that are recorded with inaccurate times.

    It sucks but I'm not going to go through all those posts and try to make them right...sorry bros, I have ultimate respect and love for all of you but that is some tedious **** to go through!

    The good news is that I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance with...

    Seriously, the issues should be temporary and fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  9. Received a question from a member of another board, telling me had he had problems getting a return email back from AM, to complete registration. Any input on that?

  10. PM me who it was and I will fix their registration.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Chemo
    The good news is that I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance with...
    LOL Good news boss!

  12. "The good news is that I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance with..."

    LMAO! what you talkin about...you know you only got liability lol


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