UFC 107 Penn/Sanchez

  1. UFC 107 Penn/Sanchez

    ...........Coming up..........

    I'll take Diego Sanchez in this one.........

    .......and Kongo over Mir..........

  2. Oh well............ I was 0 for 2

  3. um it hasnt started yet has it?

  4. sorry im in aus .. time delay screwed me.. i was rooting for sanchez. just cause he's a little left field...

    also kongo.. WTF feel sorry for him.. pumped!

  5. Garbage.....Sanchez's stand up was not there....kept shooting in and then getting rocked...oh well

    I was 0-1 wanted Sanchez to get this one. Look at how much weight he lost, wasnt he like 205-210 on the UFC show....??? Dam...good cut routing...

  6. He started out at 185, but that was because the show was at MW and LHW. He's been at WW for all but the last 3 fights in the UFC. It fits his frame, but BJ is at a completely different level. BJ's straight right kept going right through every time and Diego never recovered.
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  7. jim623
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    1 for 1. I wanted kongo to rock Mir's world.

    Penn fought a great fight. A true champion.

  8. Penn was pretty beastly in that fight. Probably the best I have ever seen him.

    How about that cut on Sanchez's forehead? That was freaking huge. How many stitches you think that thing took?

  9. dude not only the cut, nose was broken and lip was split all the way down in 2 places. thats a rough night!!

  10. Sanchez will be back and hungrier.

    If anyone saw the pre fight docos BJ had akiller CAMP. his training and conditioning was far superior to sanchez.. yes sanchez is also a fitness freak but BJ was training to fight like a pitbull. TO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO. and GO he did, he went to town on Sanchez!

    I wouldnt be suprised if sanches takes up a gang rape charge against BJ. lol


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