Warning...Do not use paypal, account info is being hacked..

  1. Warning...Do not use paypal, account info is being hacked..

    I had just received notification via e-mail that some people are hacking into paypal's merchant accounts and retrieving passwords, account info, names, adresses, e-mail addy's ,etc of paypal customers/members. I am actually one of them.

    I haven't had the chance to talk to any reps as of yet, because its too late in the night right now. I will call tomorrow or rather Monday and inquire about this utter BS. Sad thing is, that I don't even have an account with these people anymore. I had in the past, but had since closed it months ago. And from past experience, when I had called before, they couldn't help me out because they said once you're accounts' closed there is nothing thye can do. Some of you may remember when I had the problems with wholesalehairproducts/niz man. This is what I'm basing my thoughts on. But I don't know how they would still have my e-mil addy if that was the case.

    ****, this is all I need right now after all the $HIT I had go worng in the past few months. I can say one thing, I will be contacting my attorney, and this may escalate to a lawsuit.

    Again, I'm just warning everyone that browses this site, cuz I know thta we all like to order stuff online all the time. Feel free to post this on any forum you'd like, the more people know about it, the better.....

  2. thanks for the heads up bro...................i copied your article onto 2 other boards............

  3. Thanks for the heads up Jergo.

  4. A lot of people here have Hulk avatars.

  5. No problem fellas.

    I just got off the phone with a paypal rep and the first guy I talked too could barely speak any english, LOL. You know what I mean... Anyways after explaining my problem to him, he couldn't really answer my questions due to him not having all the specifics on the situation.

    He then transfered me to his "team leader" and I stated that I no longer have an account, etc, etc, and I need to know what exactly is going on. She said that eventhough I no longer have an account with them they still have my e-mail addy. She also said that for now, the only thing that these third parties could possibly posses would be my home addy, my e-mail addy, my names, etc. She said that it would be highly unlikely that they would have my account numbers, etc.

    EDIT: Forgot to throw this in here. Beware of possible SPOOF e-mails. Any e-mails from "paypal" asking you to log into your account, giving passwords, etc. DO NOT reply to them, do not give them any info whatsoever. Instead, forward all e-mails to paypal. Then if possible, get on the phone with them and tell them that you've received these spoof e-mails.

    Now, I don't know about you guys, but I'm not taking a companies word for it, especially when they have everything to lose. She seemed really cautious of what to say on the phone the whole time. She was acting as if she knew that their asses could be on the line as well. Just from noticing that, I feel that they don't have very much control, intel, over the situation.

    I asked if their would be an update e-mail being sent out notifying members if and when the problem will be resolved. She said that they have just begun trying to figure this out.

    My whole opinion on this is that if you use paypal, you're at risk, PERIOD.

    Since all of my paypal transaction were through my debit card, I have to now go through the whole schpiel of getting a new account number ,etc, etc. And I for one, will no longer buy off any sites that don't have a telephone number where I can place my orders. Its just tooooooo risky these days. I may pay a little more that way, but it will save me in the long run not only with buying more checks, getting new cards, possibly being robbed, but also the ****ing stress I've been put through the past few months, this is just the icing on the cake.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rock Lee
    A lot of people here have Hulk avatars.

    yes...................but mine is the best.


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