Officially Signing Out (for now)

  1. Officially Signing Out (for now)

    I leave for BMT then Special Operations training in the next day or two so I wont have access to a computer for quite some time. I will keep you guys updated on my training and how I am doing as often as possible. Thanks, its been fun!

    A1C/CCT Apprentice/Dustin DePanicis

  2. Good luck bro. Hope to see you around again.


  3. LAKE- good luck and be safe!

  4. Yeah, hope it goes well brother, good luck and take it easy...

  5. Be strong and stay safe

  6. Good luck man, and kick ass

  7. Best of luck bro.

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  8. Good luck brother



  9. Good luck Lake, shoot first and ask questions later
  10. PC1
    PC1's Avatar

    God bless you bro, make us proud!


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