Next year I'll be going back to Korea to serve the ROK Marines (I had complications with my visa in the US). I was wondering if anyone you know trained with, or actually was a ROK Marine (doubt it). And if so, what could be expected from basic training?

The ROK Marines used to be referred to as the "Invincible Marines". Back in 'Nam, they fought along side the USMC. There was a battle where a platoon of 13 or so ROK Marines took out over 200, only 2 ROK Marines were killed. The USMC had a kill ratio of 9:1, while the ROKMC had a ratio of 25:1 albeit, the ROKMC were served by men with experience while the USMC unfortunately had young teenage boys who were drafted - so the ROKMC had the aadvantage there.

I heard that ROK Marines get beaten by their superiors like hell and that most only make about 80 dollars yearly? But this was of course back in the 80's, I would think that the pay would be a lot better. I just wanna know what you've heard, if anything at all about the ROKMC because I'm not serving a military that'll beat me and pay me ****. Thanks a bunch.