Pacquiao vs. Cotto / UFC 105 COUTURE vs VERA

  1. Pacquiao vs. Cotto / UFC 105 COUTURE vs VERA

    I'm gonna be going back and forth trying to watch both tonight........Cotto's size will be tough for Pacquiao, but I'll go with the speedy little guy!!

    Hoping Couture can represent the 40 + peeps tonight with a victory!!

    Should be fun times, regardless.

  2. After Manny opens up that cut in round one above that eye it is all down hill for cotto. Manny already has a after fight concert at the hard rock cafe at 10 pm Manny Pacquiao an his Band

  3. Ime xcited to see both however im going to be whatching the Couture Vera fight probally.

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