Has anyone seen the Lee Haney workout show?

  1. Has anyone seen the Lee Haney workout show?

    They show it here (Dallas) on some Christian channel. I watched it just because I was bored and I was pretty surprised at the stuff he was doing. He was saying to always wrap your knees and wear a belt when squatting, so I was thinking he's about to go for 300-400 pounds or something; then he goes for 135 and doesn't even squat to parallel. Anyone else seen his show? Is it aimed at the elderly or people just starting out or something (but even if that were the case I don't know why he would encourage novices to rely on belts/wraps and to stop short of going parallel)?

  2. It is called marketing.

  3. Is he wearing Lee Haney's Wristwrap gloves, remember those?
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    If you have seen his workout video, which i bought at a MODELL'S he doesnt go to parrallel. He also used wraps and belts and never really went that heavy.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    It is called marketing.
    Agreed.... show new jacks how to do propper squats and they will see it as impossible for them to do and not buy into it.

  6. Well why not just do leg presses instead then?

  7. I have not seen the show because it comes on too early. Still, I love Lee Haney and the fact that he is reaching out to the masses (by the sounds of it). He probably does not go down deep in squats because the average couch potato can only bend their knees about 20 degrees before they fall over anyway.

  8. I'd seen it a while back, didn't know it was still airing. It seemed like a 70's type show....looked/seemed old.


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