Need some help with something new to cycle

  1. Need some help with something new to cycle

    My buddy and i are thinking about doing another cycle of prohormones and need some help. I recently finished stacking havoc and dienedrone and he finished a stack of chloradrol and dienedrone. we arent sure what to take next so we decided to ask you guys. We are unsure of what to take next just because there is so much stuff out there. I have recently been looking at h-drol or some sort of tren like a clone of spawn, but i am open to opinions. we will also be taking an anti estrogen (not sure what) and a pct like reversitol or thrust. We are looking to get more defined while also gaining at least 5-8 pounds. if you know anything that can help us PLEASE DO.

  2. If you can get your hands on pplex, run it. You wont even need an AI on cycle. Id certainly PCT with a serm and keep the diet fairly clean if you want to avoid bloat. Unless CEL had aromatizing contaminates in their PPLEX, i dont understand how i was so bloated. Unless it just holds water through another pathway not estro related.

    Im not knocking it though. My gains were comparable to somewhere btwn anadrol and M1t but without 90% of the sides. It seems slower to kick in than other orals.

  3. totally wrong section to post this in!!!!!!!!
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