I'm 5'10" , 235. I've already dropped 25 pounds from eating well and working out for the past 2 months.

My current workout consists of:
Mondays: Dumbell Bench Press (5 sets of 5) HEAVY
Squats (5 sets of 5) HEAVY
Clean and Jerk (5 sets of 5) HEAVY

Wednesdays: Dumbell Bench Press (5 sets of 5) Medium
Squats (5 sets of 5) Medium
Clean and Jerk (5 sets of 5) Medium

Fridays: Dumbell Bench Press (5 sets of 5) Light
Squats (5 sets of 5) Light
Clean and Jerk (5 sets of 5) Light

When I first started I was very flabby. I want to first lose some weight and then put on solid muscle. My buddy recommended I take some protein powder and supplements to help out.

So I've got : Recreate for a fat burner.
Jack3d for a pre workout supplement.
Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein (which I take after I work out)
I also have some Oxavar and Methyl D that my cousin gave me.

I know virtually nothing about the whole supplement thing, and what I should be taking, so any help would be appreciated. (example: I was thinking of also getting the Anabolic Pump with Recreate as a package they offer.)

Is my workout good to be doing a full body workout or should I try isolation exercises?

I'm literally up for any supplement as long as it works so let me know what I need to add to my supplements or take out.

Creatine needed? etc.

I'm a true newb.

Thanks in advance for any help guys!