Curt, tell us about Cuba

  1. Curt, tell us about Cuba

    I don't think you discussed it.  Great experience?  Did you enjoy your new physique?  People tell me the folks there are very appreciative.  Did you eat normally?

  2. Cuba was very cool. The wether was hot . The people there wait on you hand and foot. It was awsome. I will never travel for less than 1 week though... Too short. I did like my physique there.. hehehe. Still not as good as i would like. This summer will be a different story.. I also went Scuba diving and that wa the coolest thing I have ever done. All around Cuba is a coral reef. Even the snorkling is awsome. i would definately recomend it to anyone.. Talk to ya..
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  3. Curt failed to mention the point of the trip was to supply Castro and his army with bottles of 1-Test....... another Canadian plot against America...
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  4. Hey YJ. heheheheh. Nice one. Now the word is out.. By the way NONE OF YOUR SIG'S WORK...... Talk to ya..
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  5. Oh yes, they do now

  6. Where's my calculator? Talk to ya...
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  7. Originally posted by curt2go
    Where's my calculator? Talk to ya...
    Its there....

  8. Go give your thoughts YJ please...;goto=newpost Talk to ya..
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  9. Ok I got one ....signature better colored pr all silver? which is it?

  10. definately colored.. hehehe. Talk to ya..
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