Supplements and Tobacco

  1. Supplements and Tobacco

    So i am taking a few supplements a part of my cycle such as Epistane, Superpump, Size on, Sustinon, and multi-vitamins. The cycle is working well together and i am seeing results.
    No my question is usually after my workout at some point within 2 hours i usually put in a dip. But ever since my cycle started when i am dipping i get this crazy feeling. It feels like my heart is pumping out of my chest and sometime i get tunnel-vision. What are the effects of tobacco and supplements. Should i be concerned. I know tobacco is a vaso-constrictor but i do not know if the effects can be anything serious. Does it counteract the supplements i am taking. I believe this is the appropriate forum please let me know if i will get better feedback in a different one

  2. Tabacco causes high blood pressure, so does Epistane and Superpump, and Sustinon...wait a minute your stacking Epi and Sus?

  3. yes i am. is that a not a good idea. It made sense to me. I asked for suggestions but got nothing

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